What is a community?

A community is a special type of journal that more than one user can post to. Communities function as a form of group discussion. They can have specific discussion topics -- such as a television show, a hobby, or a specific city or country -- or they can be a place for you and your friends to talk about your lives.

Some users choose to create closed, single-poster communities as an alternative to creating another personal journal for a specific sub-topic of their journal, since you can post to a community without having to log out of your account and log into another personal journal account.

When you post to a community, your post will display both your username and the community's name. You can manage the settings for your post and screen, freeze, and delete comments to your entries the same way you can on entries in your personal journal.

Communities have administrators (usually called 'admins' for short). The admin of a community controls community settings, including who can post entries, who can join the community, who can comment to entries in the community, and the profile descriptions and journal style of the community. Admins can also delete posts made to a community and screen, freeze, and delete comments on all entries in the community.

The person who created the community is automatically a community admin, and can add others to the admin team if the community is larger than one person can reasonably handle. The list of admins is visible on the community's profile.

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