What are the membership, posting, and content settings for my community?

Your community's settings can be altered at the Manage Communities page.

Community Membership

With open membership, anyone can join your community. With moderated membership, requests to join your community will be submitted to you for approval. With closed membership, no one can join your community unless you invite them.

Non-Member Posting Restrictions

If non-members can post to your community, it is not necessary for them to join your community in order to post to it. If non-members cannot post to your community, they must join your community to post to it.

Member Posting Restrictions

If you would like to restrict posting privileges to specific community members, you can do so. You can specify which members have posting privileges for your community via the Manage Communities page.

Entry Moderation

If entries are unmoderated, they will appear in your community immediately upon posting. If entries are moderated, a community administrator must approve them from the moderation queue before they will appear in the community.

Adult Content

Dreamwidth has two levels of "Adult Content" - "Viewing Discretion Advised" and "Explicit Adult Content." If you set your community to "Viewing Discretion Advised," visitors to your community will be warned that your community should be viewed with appropriate discretion. All users will be able to view this content if they click through the warning. If you set your community to "Explicit Adult Content," only logged-in users over the age of 18 will be able to join your community and view its entries.

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