How can I control comments posted to my journal?

You can delete any comment posted on your journal, whether you posted it or someone else did. The red X delete button or link on a comment allows you to delete it. If the comment is spam, check the option to report it.

You can screen comments posted on your journal by using the screen light bulb button or link on the comment. Screening hides the comment from view, but does not delete it completely. You as the journal owner, and the person who posted the comment can still view it.

You can edit your own comments on any journal, as long as the comments have not yet been replied to. You can't edit other people's comments posted on your entries, or edit comments after they've been replied to. The default graphic for the edit button is a pencil.

You can freeze a comment thread by clicking the freeze pause button or text link on the top comment. This will stop people posting any new replies to that thread, but they will still be able to reply to the entry or to other comments. Freezing doesn't prevent people from deleting their own comments.

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