How do I make an entry sticky, so it's always at the top of my journal?

If you have an entry or entries with information you want everyone to read as soon as they visit your journal, like an introduction or a journal policy, you can make the entry "sticky". This will make the entry always appear as the first entry on the front page of your journal, no matter when it was posted or how many other entries you've posted since posting it.

To do this, first find the URL of an entry you want to make sticky by viewing the entry and then copying the URL from your browser's address bar. This will look something like this, only with a different number:

Then go to the Display tab of the My Account Settings page, and find the option "IDs or URLs of Sticky Entries" towards the bottom of the page. Copy the URL for the entry into the first available box box and select "Save" at the bottom of the page.

This will make the entry sticky, so it will show as the top entry whenever anyone visits your journal. This has no effect on how the entry appears on other people's Reading Pages.

You can also set a sticky entry for a community that you administer. Make sure that the entry that you would like to make sticky is in the community and not your personal journal. On the Display tab of Account Settings, select your community from the "Work As" menu and select the 'Switch' button. Then enter the URL and save, just like you'd do for a personal account.

The number of sticky entries you can have in your account depends on your account type. If you need more sticky entries than your account type allows, you can use the Date Out of Order option to make entries appear at the top of your journal by giving the entry a date in the far future. You could also write an "index" post that links to all the entries you want to make sticky, then make the index post into your sticky entry.

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