How do I post an entry without it showing on my subscribers' reading pages? Why would I do this?

You can do this from the Post an Entry page. The Edit Date link lets you to change the date and will also display a checkbox giving you the option "Don't show on Reading Pages".

An entry that is dated out of order can be assigned a date in the past or future without getting an error message and it won't appear on your subscribers' reading pages.

You might want to use this option when you're posting archived entries so they appear on the right dates. It can also be used to date a post in the future so it stays at the top of your Recent Entries page. You can also use the Sticky Entries feature to do this, although there is a limit to the number of Sticky Entries depending on your account type.

You can also use this option when you're posting multiple entries and don't want to flood your subscribers' reading pages, although you may wish to post one entry that isn't dated out of order to alert your subscribers to the rest of your posts.

This option is not available for community accounts.

If you want to prevent your public entries from being included in Latest Things, you should go to the Admin Console and enter the command "set latest_optout yes".

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