What are the extra services available?

Paid accounts receive extra services in exchange for supporting Dreamwidth. For information on paid account prices, see How much are paid accounts?

In general, the paid account services are those that cost us money to offer, or that result in heavy database load or high volumes of notification emails being sent out. Every account, whether paid or free, can use the basic functions of the site, such as posting entries, joining communities, and commenting in other journals.

There are two types of extra services: features that are only available to paid accounts and are sharply limited or unavailable to free accounts, and features that are available to all accounts but give higher limits or capacity to paid accounts.

Features with limits and higher capacity for paid accounts:

Account features:FreePaidPremium / Seed
Number of icon slots15100250
Number of Inbox items200040006000
Number of Inbox tracking subscriptions255001000
Number of comments visible on Recent Comments view10100150
Number of journals you can subscribe to100015002000
Number of journals you can grant access to100015002000
Number of links you can add to your Links list1050100
Number of tags you can use in your journal100015002000
Number of sites you can crosspost an entry to135
Number of interests allowed on profile150200250
Number of sticky entries allowed in journal255
Total number of entries in moderation queue (community)50100100
Number of entries in moderation queue per user (community)355

Features that are only available to paid accounts, or that are significantly enhanced for paid accounts:

Account features:FreePaidPremium / Seed
Access to the site directory searchYYY
Access to create new feedsYYY
Post via emailYYY
Find people with similar interests on the Interests pageNYY
Network (people subscribed to by people you're subscribed to)NYY
Receive emailed copies of comments you make in other journalsNYY
Post polls (personal) or allow any member to post polls (community)NYY
Mass-change post security levelsNYY
Create custom mood themesNYY
View your journal entries by security levelNYY
Receive text messages through DreamwidthNYY
Forwarding email address at @dreamwidth.orgNYY
Ability to use Google Analytics in your journalNYY
Full-text entry search, all of DreamwidthYYY
Full-text entry search, your own journalNYY
Full-text comment searchNYY
Notifications when people stop subscribing to your journalNYY
Notifications when people stop granting you accessNYY
Notifications when people vote in your pollsNYY
Notifications when people you subscribe to upload iconsNYY
Notifications of new comments in specific threadsNYY
Icon browser when commenting or postingNYY
Ability to create custom styleslimited
Subscription filters to further refine your reading pagelimited
"Active Entries" sidebar module in your journal styleNYY
Ability to read your reading page by dateNYY

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