How do I post a comment?

You can use the Leave a comment link to add a comment to an entry. The exact text label for this link may be different in different journals. This link opens a form with a text box where you can enter your comment. In some journals, the reply form will open on the same page, but in others, the link will take you to a new reply page.

As well as adding new comments directly to an entry, you can reply directly to someone else's comment by following the appropriate link in the comment. This link is labelled Reply by default. Dreamwidth comments are threaded, so replies to comments will display immediately below the relevant comment.

You can preview your comment to check for errors, and when you are satisfied you can post the comment using the buttons at the bottom of the form.

You can give your comment a subject if you wish by entering text in the Subject box. To choose which icon you want to use with your comment, select it from the dropdown menu, or use the Browse button to display a gallery of your icons so you can pick one.

Users who receive emailed notifications of new comments may reply to that comment by replying to the notification email.

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