How do I reply to comments from email notifications?

To reply to a comment from your email notification of the comment, hit "reply" in your email client and write the comment as though you were writing an email.

Your reply must be the first thing to appear in the response email. You can leave the quoted material in the email if you want — it will be stripped when we receive the email so it won't appear in your comment — but your reply must come before it.

The comment must come from the email address you've confirmed for your account. If your email client is set up to send emails from a different address than the exact email address you've confirmed for your account, you can set additional authorized emails. For instance, if your confirmed email forwards to a different email address, you'll need to authorize the second email address in order to be able to reply by email.

To change the subject of the comment, change the subject line of the email. If you leave it as-is, the comment will have the same subject as the comment you're replying to, or no subject if the original comment had no subject.

To specify an icon other than your default icon, set it the same way you do for posting by email, as the first line of the email. For instance, if you want to use your icon with a keyword of 'happy', the first line of your reply should be:

post-icon: happy

Each comment notification email contains a unique and secret "reply-to" address to identify the comment it's replying to and to make sure your reply will go to the right place. If you accidentally share this email address with anyone else, they may be able to reply to that comment as you under some circumstances. If you think you may have shared the secret address with someone accidentally, you can reset the secret address. This will remove the ability for you to reply by email to old comment notifications as well, but new notifications will use a new secret address.

Replying to an email notification will post the comment as the account that received the notification. For instance, if you own the accounts username and username2, both with the same confirmed email address, and you receive a comment notification email to username, replying to that email will cause your comment to be posted as username. There's no way to change which account a comment will be posted as when replying by email, so if you need to reply from a different account, you'll need to click the link to reply on the Dreamwidth website directly.

When replying to comments by email, they will be formatted using Markdown syntax. You can either use HTML tags or Markdown formatting to format your text.

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