How do I change my username?

Changing your username requires the use of a rename token. Rename tokens are available for sale in the Dreamwidth Shop for $15 USD or 150 Dreamwidth Points.

To rename your account, go to the Rename Journal page. From there, you can check the username you want to see if it's available. Once you have checked the availability of your username, the site will check to see if you have a rename token available on your account. If you do, you'll be prompted to use it. If you don't have a rename token available, you will be directed to the Dreamwidth Shop to buy one.

If you have a rename token available, you will see a link on the Rename Journal page that lets you choose to rename your account (or you can rename a community you admin). If someone has given you a rename token (or you have bought it in another account) you can use it on this page. Once you start the process, you will be prompted to choose the rename options you want for your rename.

You can rename your journal to:

* An unregistered username that complies with our username restrictions: 25 or fewer characters with letters, numbers, and hyphens (-) only, with the first and last characters of the username being letters and numbers only.

* A username that has been deleted and purged (not just deleted; the page when visiting the account must say that the account has been deleted and purged).

* The name of a registered personal journal you control. (To verify you control the account, the confirmed email address on the accounts, and the accounts' passwords, both need to be the same.)

You can't rename your journal to a suspended username, to a protected username (reserved usernames such as and other system names), or directly to the username of a community you control.

You can rename a community that you are the admin of to the username of a personal journal you control, but not the other way around yet. To rename a personal journal to the username of a community you control, you must use two rename tokens to do a username swap as described below. You must be the only admin and only member of the community, and the confirmed email addresses must match.

If you have two accounts and you wish to swap their usernames, you can do this with two rename tokens. There is a "swap usernames" option on the Rename Journal page. Selecting this will let you begin the process. Both usernames must meet the criteria for renaming above.

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