How do I rename a community I admin?

Renaming a community works much like renaming a personal journal does. Any admin of a community can rename it. If you are renaming a community to the username of a personal account you control, the confirmed email address on the community and the confirmed email address on the personal account must be the same. The passwords on both accounts must also be the same.

Like personal account renames, communities can be renamed to any unregistered username, any username that has been deleted and purged (not simply deleted; the page when visiting the account must say that the account has been deleted and purged), and any username you control. Communities can't currently be renamed to a username that's in use by another community, even if you admin that community.

If you choose to rename a community to an account that already exists, the contents of that existing account will be moved to a different, randomly-chosen combination of letters and numbers. You will still have access to that account; if necessary, you can recover lost usernames to get a listing of all accounts you control under that particular confirmed email address, which will give you the name of the account that has been created. You can then delete the account or rename it to something else.

To rename a community, it must have no members, other than yourself the administrator of the community.

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