How do I post an entry to a community that I administer or am a member of?

You need to be logged into your Dreamwidth account to post an entry to a community. In most cases you will also need to be a member of a community before you can post to it, although some communities have non-member posting enabled. Please read the How do I post to a community? FAQ for more details.

There are several ways to post to a community.

1. Open the Post an Entry page. If you click on your account name, you will find a dropdown menu listing communities you have posting access to. You can then select a journal or community from this list. Your post will be posted in whichever journal or community is showing in "Post To:". This method will only work if you're a member of the community and have posting access. If the community allows non-member posting and you're not a member, you will need to use one of the other two methods.

2. Go to the community's profile page. The interactions menu contains a "Post to Community" link if you are able to post to the community. In most site skins, the interactions menu is on the right-hand side of the profile, and appears as the first set of links when read by a screenreader or displayed in a non-graphical browser. You can use this method to post to a community if the community allows open posting and you're not a member.

3. Use the Navigation Strip on the community. If you have the Navigation Strip enabled and you have posting access to the community, a link to "Post to this community" will display when you're viewing the community. You may need to enable the Navigation Strip first.

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