What is the Navigation Strip?

The Navigation Strip is a bar which you can choose to display on custom-styled journal or community pages while you're logged in. It contains useful links and displays your relationship to the account where it's displayed. For example: "You are viewing your journal", "You have granted access to Account_Name and you and they have mutual subscriptions", or "You're a member of and subscribed to Name_of_Community".

This strip always provides hotlinks for "Home", "Post", "Reading Page", and "Inbox" — the other links it displays at the top center of the strip will change depending on what page of the site you are viewing. At the top right of the strip there is a box into which you can type a search term and a pulldown menu that allows you to choose "Interest", "Region", "Site & User", "FAQ", "Email", or "IM Info" as your search area. Beside the pulldown menu there's a button marked "Go". This area of the navigation strip also gives you the option to reload any page you're on in several different styles, including your own journal style, the site skin, and a "light" style with minimal formatting.

In most styles, you can choose a light gradient or dark gradient for the navigation strip from the Customize Journal Style page. In some styles, you can also choose to make the navigation strip display in your journal colors.

Depending on the style of the page you're on, the navigation strip may use Javascript, and it may not work if you're using a browser that doesn't support Javascript or has it disabled.

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August 31st, 2015 (kaberett)

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