What are Dreamwidth Points?

Dreamwidth Points are credits that can be exchanged for extra services or for anything else in the Dreamwidth Shop, except for the purchase of Dreamwidth Points themselves. You can buy them for yourself or for other people.

Each Dreamwidth Point is the equivalent of $0.10 in United States Dollars. You do not need to use your Dreamwidth Points all at once. You do not need to use all your Dreamwidth Points on a single order. You can buy points directly, in any amount over the minimum purchase of 30 points ($3 USD), or you can buy them in pre-packaged amounts that correspond to the cost of extra services.

When you order Dreamwidth Points and complete payment, the points are delivered to you immediately. You can choose to convert them to paid services, or hold them in your account for future use.

To exchange Dreamwidth Points for items in the shop, select the item you want to exchange your points for in the shop and proceed through the checkout process. If you have enough Dreamwidth Points in your account to meet the points cost of the item, you will be prompted to use your Dreamwidth Points for that order. If you do not have enough Dreamwidth Points in your account to meet the points cost of the item, you will be able to buy enough Dreamwidth Points to complete your order as part of the checkout process. If you have no Dreamwidth Points in your account, you should buy the bundle of points that is the exact number you need for your desired item by putting the item in your cart. This will automatically create an order for you that has the right number of points you'll need for that item.

You can complete an order with a combination of Dreamwidth Points you already have and Dreamwidth Points you buy at checkout. For example, if you have 30 points saved in your account, and you want to exchange them for six months of a Paid Account (which costs 175 points), at checkout you will be charged 30 points from your account and $14.50 to buy the remaining points your order requires.

After you've finalized your order, you will have a chance to pay for any additional Dreamwidth Points your order requires at the time of checkout. To complete your order and have the extra services applied to your account, all you need to do is pay for the Dreamwidth Points your item requires. The system will automatically convert your points to the extra services you've requested for you.

You can buy points for a friend, if you want to let them choose how to use them, or you can buy them a points bundle that is to be converted into a specific item. So, to make sure a friend gets two months of extra services, you'd select the two-month paid services bundle of points and check out. The points will automatically be applied to the extra services for your friend when you check out and pay.

You can also transfer points to a friend.

At all times, the minimum Dreamwidth Points order is 30 points (for $3 USD). If the difference between the number of points you have in your account and the number of points you need for your item is less than 30, you will need to buy 30 points and save some for your next order.

Unused Dreamwidth Points do not expire. If you check out a cart that points have been applied to, the points will be considered used once the item is delivered to you or applied to your account.

If you are ever unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, please contact us by emailing accounts@dreamwidth.org, or by opening a support request in the Account Payments category, and let us know what the problem is. We're happy to work with you to find a solution.

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