How do I control posts to my community?

If you're a community administrator, you can enable a moderation queue for entries posted to your community. With a moderation queue, entries from people who don't have "unmoderated" status will be placed into the moderation queue for a community administrator to approve or reject.

When entries are submitted to the moderation queue, administrators will be notified with a link to the moderation queue, where they can take action on the entry in question. If the administrator chooses to approve an entry, a notification will be sent to the entry poster informing them that their entry was approved, and their entry will appear in the community. If the administrator chooses to reject an entry, they can provide a reason in the rejection form, which will be sent to the entry poster, along with the full text of the original entry. If an entry submission is determined by the community administrator to be spam, there is an option to "reject and mark as spam".

You can enable moderation for your community on the Manage Communities page. Follow the "Settings" link there for the community you wish to modify, then select the "Moderate entries to your community?" option in the section labeled "Posting Access".

You can also control who has access to post entries in your community by adjusting the "member posting" and "non-member posting" settings.

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