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Rank Delta User Points
1.[staff profile] denise - Denise15122 points
2.[personal profile] ninetydegrees - Ninety Degrees4657 points
3.[personal profile] domtheknight - domtheknight4241 points
4.[personal profile] zarhooie - Cream Puff with Teeth3333 points
5.[personal profile] chemicallace - Chemical Lace3235 points
6.[staff profile] misskat - MissKat2830 points
7.[personal profile] jennifer - Jennifer2284 points
8.[staff profile] mark - Mark Smith1051 points
9.[personal profile] qilin - Qilin891 points
10.[personal profile] yvi - yvi716 points
11.[personal profile] katherine - Katherine682 points
12.[personal profile] foxfirefey - foxfirefey528 points
13.[personal profile] liv - Liv370 points
14.[personal profile] ysobel - masquerading as a man with a reason312 points
15.[personal profile] trixieleitz - Space Marine Trixie Leitz307 points
16.[personal profile] afuna - afuna303 points
17.[personal profile] sarah - SarahQ296 points
18.[personal profile] kaberett - Alex264 points
19.[personal profile] azurelunatic - Azure Jane Lunatic (Azz - bolt of blue - infovore)253 points
20.[personal profile] highlander_ii - Highlander II215 points
21.[personal profile] exor674 - Dre192 points
22.[personal profile] shatteredshards - shatteredshards186 points
23.[personal profile] wyntarvox - wyntarvox169 points
24.[personal profile] shadowspar - shadowspar147 points
25.[personal profile] sporky_rat - lady sporky rat of the ms holding and sporkington143 points
26.[personal profile] silverflight8 - silver140 points
27.[personal profile] rebelsheart - The Wild Beyond137 points
28.[personal profile] zvi - still kind of a stealthy love ninja127 points
29.[personal profile] ghoti - ghoti124 points
30.[personal profile] kareila - kareila123 points
31.[personal profile] anaraine - Ana120 points
32.[staff profile] fu - fu113 points
33.[personal profile] mrs260 - mrs260108 points
34.[personal profile] jamie - -90 points
35.[personal profile] fulminata - and the coast comes like a raft of warm air79 points
36.[personal profile] ct - Caitrin64 points
36.[personal profile] poulpette - poulpette64 points
36.[personal profile] tajasel - Katie64 points
36.[personal profile] dreamatdrew - Drew M.C.64 points
40.[personal profile] noracharles - Nora Charles54 points
41.[personal profile] aedifica - aedifica53 points
42.[personal profile] cesy - Cesy51 points
43.[personal profile] watersword - Elizabeth Perry50 points
44.[personal profile] stormy - sᴛᴏʀᴍʏ49 points
45.[personal profile] piranha - renaissance poisson48 points
45.[personal profile] inoru_no_hoshi - Mara48 points
47.[personal profile] adalger - part time poet, full time dad43 points
47.[personal profile] swaldman - Simon43 points
49.[personal profile] dilate_andrea - Andrea: Daughter of Heavenly Father41 points
50.[personal profile] xdawnfirex - xdawnfirex39 points
50.[personal profile] sevillana - Sevillana de Corazón39 points
52.[personal profile] sofiaviolet - Sofia Violet Emilie Blackthorne37 points
52.[personal profile] qem_chibati - qem_chibati37 points
52.[personal profile] amber - you build a fine shrine in me37 points
55.[personal profile] mfb - Xan34 points
56.[personal profile] rho - -28 points
56.[personal profile] av8rmike - av8rmike28 points
58.[personal profile] aveleh - abby27 points
58.[personal profile] faye - the queen of hearts.27 points
60.[personal profile] jumpuphigh - jumpuphigh26 points
61.[personal profile] janinedog - Janine23 points
62.[personal profile] pauamma - pauamma22 points
63.[personal profile] andy - Andrew21 points
63.[personal profile] automaticdoor - automaticdoor21 points
65.[personal profile] melannen - melannen17 points
66.[personal profile] curiosity - curiosity15 points
67.[personal profile] mirthalia - Mirth Alia14 points
67.[personal profile] carrie - Carrie14 points
67.[personal profile] sophie - Sophie14 points
67.[personal profile] xehanort - Another14 points
71.[personal profile] theresa - theresa13 points
71.[personal profile] rustnroses - In Vinum Veritas13 points
73.[personal profile] hatman - hatman11 points
73.[personal profile] tree - asymptote11 points
73.[personal profile] kespernorth - Kesper North11 points
73.[personal profile] jeshyr - Ricky Buchanan11 points
77.[personal profile] jd - who needs to think when your feet just go10 points
77.[personal profile] triadruid - triadruid10 points
77.[personal profile] delladea - Geeky Muse10 points
77.[personal profile] darlas_mom - darlas_mom10 points
77.[personal profile] amancham - amancham10 points
77.[personal profile] truelove - truelove10 points
77.[personal profile] alierak - alierak10 points
84.[personal profile] theninth - Schweigeminute9 points
84.[personal profile] right - Radd9 points
84.[personal profile] rising - Ceahhettan9 points
84.[personal profile] chimp - miral9 points
88.[personal profile] joe - not your average joe8 points
88.[personal profile] randomling - LC8 points
90.[personal profile] invisionary - Invisible Revolutionary7 points
90.[personal profile] ladyvox - esther7 points
92.[personal profile] xtina - Xtina6 points
93.[personal profile] morgandawn - morgandawn5 points
93.[personal profile] alittlebirdy - a5 points
93.[personal profile] lex - Lex5 points
93.[personal profile] silk_spectre - Aster5 points
97.[personal profile] luludi - tori4 points
97.[personal profile] ce_jour_la - E4 points
97.[personal profile] niqaeli - Sister Machine Gun of Contemplative Meditation4 points
100.[personal profile] tobyaw - Toby Atkin-Wright3 points

120 total supporting accounts, 100 displayed.

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