How do I post an image in an entry?

To post an image in an entry, you must make sure that the image you desire is located on the internet. An image on your computer will not be able to be seen by other users. You will need to take the image from your computer and upload it to a picture hosting service. Some of the most popular free services are Flickr (by Yahoo!), Picasa (by Google), or Photobucket. It is also possible to upload the image to your own webspace. Images posted on Facebook will not usually work for this purpose.

At this time, Dreamwidth has a very basic image hosting system. It is available to all users, though it requires posting by email be set up and available for use.

To be able to post an image, you need to get the image location URL. In Internet Explorer, right click on the image and select "Properties." Highlight and copy the URL located in the Address (URL) area. In Firefox, right click on the image and select "copy image location."

The HTML tag to post an image is <img src="IMAGE URL">. To make the image accessible to those who are not able to view the image, you may add a text description, also known as alt text, to the image tag. Generally, this text will allow users with screenreaders to "see" the image. The HTML tag to post an image with alt text is <img src="IMAGE URL" alt="ALT TEXT">.

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