If you're coming from LiveJournal to Dreamwidth: Style System

We've made extensive revisions to LiveJournal's styles system for Dreamwidth.

We've removed the old style system "S1" entirely, since it was outdated and hard to maintain. This has let us make a lot of improvements to the backend of S2, which is the only journal customization system available on Dreamwidth.

You can select your journal style and theme at Select Journal Style. Once you pick a style and theme, you can customize it to your tastes in the Customize Journal Style workflow.

If you want exact control over your journal's look, you can use custom CSS to change nearly everything about your journal's appearance. We've done significant work to make sure the markup of each style is highly flexible for CSS-based customization.

You don't have to pick your style based on what features are available for which style or based on whether the markup of the style will work well with CSS-based customization. All styles (except Zesty, a legacy style from our beta testing period) have the same features and are equally customizable via CSS.

If you want to keep up with what's going on with styles development, you can watch [site community profile] dw_styles. If you have a style or a theme you'd like to submit for conversion into a system style for everyone to use, check out [site community profile] dreamscapes.

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