How can I crosspost entries?

You can configure your Dreamwidth account to crosspost entries with other sites on the My Account Settings page under the tab "Other Sites".

Free accounts can configure one external account. Paid accounts can configure up to three external accounts, and Premium Paid accounts can configure up to five accounts. You may delete your target journal from the crossposter at any time and reconfigure the crossposter to crosspost to a different journal. You may also change the password for the target journal or journals using the "Change" feature on that page without affecting the other settings for that destination service and account.

To set up this feature, we'll ask you for your username and password for your other account(s). You can only post to personal accounts you control. You can't crosspost to communities, even if you're that community's owner and administrator.

The dropdown menu on the crossposter currently offers you the choices of: DeadJournal, InsaneJournal, LiveJournal, and Other Site. If the journal you want to crosspost to isn't named, choose "Other Site". Right now, only LiveJournal clone sites are supported by the "Other Site" selection. Non LiveJournal-code-based journaling sites include Wordpress, Blogger (Blogspot), and TypePad. These non-clone sites are not supported right now, but we hope to add that functionality in the future.

Once you've configured the crossposter you'll have a number of available options. For each site, you can choose to crosspost all entries by default, or you can choose which entries to crosspost on a case-by-case basis. You can choose to disable comments on the crossposted entries and have all comments come to your Dreamwidth entry.

If you've chosen crossposting by default, your Post an Entry page will display the checkboxes for your default site and "Crosspost this Entry" already checked, and all you need to do is post your entry as usual and it will automatically also be crossposted to the other journal or journals you've selected. (If you don't want to crosspost a particular entry, you can de-select the checkboxes.)

If you haven't chosen automatic crossposting, when the crossposter is configured your Post an Entry page will display the same checkboxes so you can choose whether or not to crosspost your entry, and which account(s) to cross-post to; they will not be selected. You must check both the box labeled "Crosspost this Entry" and the box for the destination journal for your crosspost to go through, even if you have only one destination account configured. If you don't check both boxes your entry won't crosspost, but you won't receive a failure message.

When you crosspost an entry you'll see the following message: "Crosspost requested to Name@Service. You'll be notified in your Dreamwidth Inbox if this attempt fails." It may be several minutes before this message appears, since the crosspost utility is set to run after your post to your Dreamwidth journal completes.

If your crossposting fails, you'll receive the following message in your Dreamwidth Inbox: "Crosspost to Name@Service failed. Failed to crosspost entry to Name@Service: Client error: (description of what your error was)". You can also choose to be notified of successful crossposts by selecting "An attempt to crosspost an entry succeeds" on the Notifications tab of the Account Settings page.

If you have crossposting by default turned on, entries that you post by email or with a client will also be crossposted.

Entries you post to sites other than Dreamwidth will not be crossposted. If you want entries you've posted elsewhere to appear in your Dreamwidth journal, you will need to import your journal.

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