Why aren't my comment or notification emails reaching me?

First, check the Known Issues box on the Help page to see if the site is having any problems sending emails at the moment. Also check you have the options for comment emails or notifications set up correctly.

One reason emails might be missing is if the entry has been changed so you no longer have access to it. You can't get comment emails for entries you're not allowed to read.

If you know you've gotten comments that ought to be sent by email, and the emails are not arriving, it's possible the emails are blocked by spam filters. Dreamwidth sends out large volumes of similar emails, and this makes some email systems automatically class Dreamwidth notifications as spam. Check your spam or junk mail folder and see if the missing emails are there. See if it's possible to white-list dreamwidth.org or add dreamwidth.org to your list of trusted contacts.

You can also change your email address on the Account Settings page. Once you've done that, you'll need to confirm your new email address, and then see if emails reach you correctly. If none of these steps work, please contact your ISP or email provider to resolve the situation.

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