How do I control who can comment on my journal?

You can set permissions for commenting in the Privacy section of the My Account Settings page. The Enable comments option lets you decide who should be allowed to comment on your entries. You can choose to allow comments from:

  • anyone, including anonymous readers and people who do not have a Dreamwidth account ('everyone');
  • anyone who identifies themselves with their Dreamwidth account ('registered users');
  • only specific people you allow access to ('access list').

You can turn off commenting for your whole journal by selecting 'nobody' from the menu. Save your options using the Save button.

Commenters logged in using OpenID are treated differently based on whether or not they have confirmed an email address on Dreamwidth. If the OpenID account has a confirmed email address, it will be treated as a registered user. If the OpenID account doesn't have a confirmed email address, it will be treated as an anonymous user.

If there is a specific user you don't want commenting, you can selectively screen or ban that person.

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