What is a cut? How can I hide part of my entry behind a cut?

Dreamwidth allows you to hide part of your entry text behind a cut, so you don't post a huge entry on your subscribers' reading page, or so you can hide something you don't want to be immediately visible when someone's scrolling through your journal, like a plot spoiler for a movie.

If you use a cut, a link will appear in your entry. To see what's behind the cut, you can select the triangle next to the cut text, which will expand the cut on the same page. You can also select the cut itself, which will take you to a new page, with the full entry. The full entry will also be shown if you open the page to read the comments, or if you're linked to the entry directly. Cuts are only shown on main journal pages, like your reading page, your journal page, or a community page. Previewing an entry also doesn't show cuts.

To make a cut with the HTML Editor, type <cut> before the text you want to hide under a cut, then </cut> after you've entered the text you want to be hidden. If you'd like to replace the usual "Read more..." cut text, enter <cut text="your text here">

Dreamwidth also supports the legacy code inherited from LiveJournal, so you can also type: <lj-cut> and </lj-cut> and <lj-cut text="your text here">.

If you're using the rich text editor, highlight the text you want to appear behind a cut, then select the "Cut" button. A pop-up box will appear so you can add your own text to the cut text link. Text that's been hidden by a cut is shown in grey in the rich text editor.

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