How can I claim my OpenID account with my Dreamwidth account?

If you've imported your journal or a community that you've posted in, and want to update the imported comments and community entries so that the comments and entries appear to come from your Dreamwidth account instead of your OpenID, you can claim your OpenID account with your Dreamwidth account.

Visit the Claim your OpenID page while logged in as the account you want to claim the OpenID with. This is the account that the posts and comments will update as having been posted by.

Put in the URL of the OpenID account -- for instance, if you want to claim comments that show up as having been posted by, you'd enter

You will be forwarded to the remote site to verify your identity. You will only get this step if you haven't previously told the remote site to always verify you to Dreamwidth. For instance, if you logged into Dreamwidth using your LiveJournal OpenID before, and told LiveJournal to always authorize Dreamwidth to have access to your identity, this step will be skipped; the authentication will happen quietly and automatically in the background.

After a delay of about an hour — to give you a chance to change your mind — you'll get a confirmation link in email. As soon as you click that link, your OpenID will be claimed. The process is not undoable, so be sure you're logged into the right account, and enter the right OpenID URL, before you click the confirmation link. Clicking the link will activate the process.

Once the process has been started, your entries and comments will slowly be updated. It may take a while for all your entries and comments to be updated. The "comments posted" count on the profile of both accounts won't be updated to reflect the new numbers.

You only have to claim your OpenID once. After you've claimed it, any new comments or posts that are imported will automatically be updated to use your Dreamwidth account instead of your OpenID.

Right now, if your username on the remote site has an underscore in it, you might not be able to claim your OpenID properly. This is a bug we're working to fix.

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August 31st, 2015 (kaberett)

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