How do I filter my reading page?

There are several ways you can filter your Circle so that your reading page displays only certain accounts or entries on it:

Subscription Filters

Subscription filters are a way to group certain accounts in your Circle. You can read only entries from those accounts on a subset of your reading page.

All users can create subscription filters. To set up a filter, go to the Manage Subscription Filters page.

Create a filter by hitting the New button, and enter the name you want to use for the filter when prompted. (The name you give the filter will be used in the URL to access the entries in the filter, so choose something easy to type.)

Once you have created the filter, two lists of users in your Circle will display: users who are in the filter, and users who are not in the filter. If you want entries from a particular account to appear when you view the filtered version of your reading page, move the account name from the "Not in filter" list to the "In filter" list.

You do not need to save your changes before closing the page. After you make a change, the system will automatically save your changes after a five-second wait.

Types of Accounts

You can choose to display only one type of journal on your reading page by appending ?show=type to the end of the URL where type is:

You can also combine letters to display multiple journal types on your reading page, such as to display personal journals and communities.

Filter by Date

If you have a paid account, you can filter your reading page by date to by-pass the 14 day time limit by appending ?date=yyyy-mm-dd to the end of your reading page URL. For example, to access all entries from your subscription list on 13 July, 2011, you would use the following URL:

Advanced Filters

If you have a paid account, you can use advanced reading filters to filter their reading pages further. You may click on a particular account to move it from the "Not in filter" to "In filter" columns and select the account in the "In Filter" list. You will then see the other settings you can choose in order to fine-tune your reading filter.

Currently, paid accounts can use the following advanced filters:

  • Adult content rating: Show only content that is not marked 18+, show only content that is not marked 18+ or not safe for work, or show all content
  • Tags: Show only content that is labeled with a certain tag or tags, or only content that is not labelled with a certain tag or tags (people sometimes refer to this as "blocking tags").
  • Entry poster (for communities): Show only content that is posted by a community administrator/moderator, or show only content that is posted by a community administrator

Special Filter Names

If you create a subscription filter named "Default", you will only see entries from the users in that filter on your reading page when you are logged in. This feature can be combined with advanced filters. The unfiltered version of your reading page will show to all other users, including people who are logged out. You are the only one who will see the filtered version of your reading page.

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