How can I show my mood, music, or location on a post?

You can give your readers more information about the music you’re listening to, your mood, and your location by filling out the respective text areas on the Post an Entry page.

These are sometimes known as "currents", because of the label displayed for the data when shown on your entries: "current mood", "current music", and "current location". Most people use them as a fun way to provide more information about what they're doing when they're writing an entry.

Current Music

For music, just type in whatever you like in the box marked "Music". You can be as general (Classical, Rock, Pop) or as specific (The Beatles - With A Little Help From My Friends) as you like.

Current Mood

You can set your mood by using the "Mood:" dropdown menu or by filling in the text area next to it. If you've set a mood theme, when you use the dropdown menu or write a mood in the text area that has a linked graphic -- for example, "curious" -- the associated graphic will appear in your entry. You can also select a graphic and write a custom mood in the text area (for example, select the "happy" graphic from the menu and write "blissfully happy" in the text area). If you have a paid account, you can create and use a custom mood theme.

For fun, we track the site's current overall mood, aggregated from the latest posts made to the site. You can see what kind of a mood Dreamwidth is in by visiting the Mood of Service page. This page shows both the most-used mood and the "emotional weather" on a sliding scale from :( (bad mood) to :) (good mood).

Current Location

The location text area is linked to Google Maps. Whatever you fill in here will appear as a link to a map of that location when viewed on the entry. The field does not auto-detect your location: you must make a deliberate choice to type it in. If you add a ZIP code or street address the map link may pinpoint your location to others, so think carefully about your privacy and comfort level before specifying a physical location. You can also choose a non-specific location such as a city or country, or a descriptive phrase like "at home" or "in the library".

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