What does my profile contain? Who can see the information on it?

Your profile page always displays the following information:

• your default icon (if you have one)
• the total number of icons you have
• your account name
• your account identification number
• the type of account you have
• the date you last posted to your account
• the total number of comments you've made and received anywhere on the site
• the number of tags you've made
• the number of memorable entries you've memoried
• the number of entries you've made to your journal

It also lists:

• the number of accounts you give access to
• the number of accounts you have access from
• the number of accounts you have mutual access with
• the number of accounts you subscribe to
• the number of accounts subscribing to you
• the number of accounts you have mutual subscriptions with
• the number of communities you are a member of
• the number of feeds you subscribe to

There are other items you can either conceal from some account holders or remove from your profile entirely. Items you need to remove completely from your profile page if you do not want people to see them are your biography, your default icon (which you can do by choosing "No Default Icon" on your Manage Icons page), and your interests list.

Items you can choose to show only to certain people include your birthdate, your location, and your contact information, including e-mail addresses and IM names. You can show this information to nobody at all, only to people you grant access to your journal, only to people that have Dreamwidth accounts, or to everyone.

Information which can either choose to show to everyone or to hide from everyone is:

• The list of people who have granted you access to their journals
• The list of people who have subscribed to read your journal
• The communities you're a member of
• The communities where you have posting access

To change how this information is displayed, select the appropriate options when editing your profile.

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