How do I post an entry?

You need to be logged into your Dreamwidth account to do this. There are several ways to post an entry.

1. You can navigate to Create on site-schemed pages. From there you can navigate to the Post an Entry page. This will take you to a page with a box where you can compose your entry.

2. If you've enabled the Navigation Strip (you can do this on the Customize Journal Style page), you can follow the "Post" link which will take you to the Post an Entry page.

3. You can go to your Profile Page and follow the "Post an Entry" link in the interactions menu.

4. You can set up email posting and email an entry to your journal.

You can compose your entry in either the rich text editor or the HTML editor. We recommend the HTML editor, because the rich text editor doesn't always format text properly, but it is available as a choice. You can choose the editor you use with the "Rich Text" and "HTML" tabs.

When you've finished writing, you can check how the entry will appear when it’s been posted to your journal by clicking on the "Preview" button or link. When you’re ready to post, click on the "Post to username" button or link. The entry will then appear in your journal.

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