What happens when there are large numbers of comments on one entry?

If there are more than 50 comments on a single entry, the threads will collapse. This means only the top comments in a thread will display, and the rest will show the title (if there is one) and the poster's name only. You can expand a collapsed thread to read the lower level comments by using the Thread link for the top comment, or by using the Expand link. The Thread link shows a particular thread on a separate page, while the Expand link loads the hidden comments without leaving the page. If the thread is very long, you may have to expand several times to read all the comments. Paid members can also use the "Expand All" link in the comment action section to expand all collapsed threads on the page.

If there are more than 25 comments posted directly to the entry, the comments will be divided into several pages. Both thread collapsing and dividing comments into multiple pages happen automatically, and you can not change this. This is because entries with very large numbers of comments use a lot of resources, so dividing them up helps the site to run reliably for all users.

To unfold and view all the comments on an entry, choose the "Flat" link in the comment action section (located between the entry and the comments in most layouts and site skins). This will show all the comments in full, but they'll display in the order they were posted, without the tree structure of the conversation threads. The comments in this view will be divided into pages with 26 comments per page.

The comment action section also includes a link to view "Top-level comments only". Selecting this will only show you the beginning comment in each thread, with all child comments hidden. Top-level comments with child comments will include a link to expand those comments inline.

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