How do I add a slug to change the URL of my entry?

By default, entries in your journal will have an automatically generated URL based on the entry number, such as:
If you want, you can specify a "slug", or short phrase that will appear in the URL. To do this, you must have the New Create Entries Beta enabled. On the Create Entries page, enter Settings Mode by clicking on the Edit entry form settings‚Äč icon. Enable the "Entry Link" setting box.

Once you've enabled that setting box, you can now enter a slug for the entry, either at the time of update or by editing the entry later. You'll see a preview of what the entry URL will look like after you enter the slug and navigate away from the field.

The date the entry was originally posted on is part of the URL. For instance, if you post an entry in your journal on 1 January 2013, and the slug you give it is "test", the URL of the entry will be:
The date in the URL won't change, even if you edit the entry to change the date afterwards.

Each entry in your journal needs to have a unique slug -- you can't re-use a slug, even if the entry was posted on a different day. If you accidentally enter a slug you've used before, the entry will still be posted, but the site will warn you that you've already used that slug before and the entry will only have the old-style URL.

If you don't enter a slug at the time of posting, the entry will be posted with the old-style URL. The update page does not automatically fill in the title of the entry as the slug.

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