Can I use a prepaid credit card to buy paid time?

If you'd like to use a prepaid credit card to buy paid time, we recommend a prepaid Visa card. While other forms of prepaid cards may work, prepaid Visa cards are more likely to be successful. We don't recommend prepaid Mastercards: in our experience, they tend to have problems more often.

If you have problems using your prepaid card in our shop, you may need to call the card company and activate your card before it can be used online. Some prepaid credit card issuers also block all internet-only/"card not present" transactions unless you specifically call to allow them, as a fraud prevention method.

If your payment is failing, open a support request in the Account Payments category. We'll do our best to help you troubleshoot the problem. We can't always see the specific reason why a prepaid card issuer is rejecting a charge, though, so you should call the number on the back of the card first and see if the issuer can help you out.

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