Why are people who comment on my journal being shown an antispam test (CAPTCHA)?

The antispam test, or CAPTCHA, is a test that users can be asked to complete in order to prove that they are not automated spam bots.

The most common reason for people to see an antispam test on your journal is that you have your journal set to show them. The Privacy tab of Account Settings is where you make this choice. The setting "Anti-Spam" controls who sees an antispam test. You can show an antispam test to nobody, to anonymous commenters only, to all commenters not on your access list, or to everybody.

On that page, you can also choose whether someone will see a text-based antispam test, or an image-based antispam test.

However, even if you've set the antispam test to display to "nobody" on your journal or community, there are a few times when commenters might see an antispam test anyway. These are all related to security or antispam concerns:

  • If an entry has over 5000 comments, antispam tests will be shown to people posting new comments.

  • If an anonymous comment or a comment made by an OpenID user who has not confirmed their email address contains certain HTML, the commenter may be asked to solve an antispam test.

  • If a single commenter is making comments very quickly, they will be asked to solve an antispam test. The limit is set at the point where a single person who is not using automated software isn't likely to hit it, but sometimes it can happen.

  • If somebody using your computer or internet connection has been identified as a spammer in the past, you may be asked to solve an antispam test when commenting.

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