Why don't I see an image for the antispam test (CAPTCHA)?

The default antispam test (captcha) Dreamwidth uses is not an image. It's a text string that asks a question. For instance:

Blue, purple, chair, plate, red. How many colors are in the preceding sentence?

The correct answer to that question would be 3.

We use a text-based antispam test because it's easier to solve. Image-based antispam tests are hard for many people, but especially for people who are blind or have vision problems. Text-based antispam tests are generally more accessible for most people.

Some people still prefer image-based antispam tests. If you have the antispam test enabled in your journal, and you want your readers to see the image-based antispam test rather than the text-based antispam test, you can change it at the Privacy tab of Account Settings, under the setting "Anti-Spam Type".

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August 31st, 2015 (kaberett)

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