Can I change what style I see entry pages in?

Yes, you can change the style entry pages are shown in. Entry pages are the pages where individual entries and their comments are displayed.

You can change how entry pages in your account will appear to others, and you can also choose how the site will show other users' entries to you while you're logged in to your account.

To choose how your entry pages will show, visit the Display tab of Account Settings.

If you want other people who visit your entry pages to see them in your journal style, check the box labelled "Entry Page Default: Your Journal". This will set the default for logged-out users and people who haven't changed their viewing setting. If you leave this box unchecked, your entry pages will show in the site skin.

To choose how you'll see entry pages (including your own) when you're logged in, select the appropriate option in the drop-down labelled "Entry Pages: Shown to You". You can choose from "original style", which will show you whatever the journal owner has set; "my own style", which will show you all entry pages in your own journal style; "site skin", which will show you all entry pages in the site skin, and "light format", which will show you all entry pages in a stripped-down, simplified layout.

The 'Shown to You' setting will always override the 'Default' setting. For instance, if you check "Entry Page Default: Your Journal" to show your journal's entry pages in your journal style, but pick "site skin" for "Entry Pages: Shown to You", logged out visitors to your journal will see your entry pages in your journal style, but you will see all entry pages on the site (including in your own journal) in the site skin.

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