Can I delete all my imported entries?

If you've imported entries from another site into your journal and want to remove all of them, or if you've had problems with importing and want to "clear out" your imported entries and start over, you can use the Imported Entries Eraser.

This will remove all entries in your account that were imported from another site. It is permanent. It can't be undone. Once you hit the "Erase All Imported Entries" button, a job will be started to delete the posts. It will take some time to finish, but as soon as you hit the button, the process can't be stopped.

It will only delete entries that have been imported. Once the entries have been deleted, you can re-import them if you want, but any entries and comments that have been deleted on the other site can't be re-imported.

Entries you posted to Dreamwidth directly, rather than imported, won't be deleted.

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August 31st, 2015 (kaberett)

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