How do I find information on scheduled maintenance or unplanned outages when Dreamwidth is down?

All planned site maintenance is announced in [site community profile] dw_maintenance ahead of time. All users should subscribe to this community.

If the scheduled maintenance may have downtime, we do what we can to schedule it for a time of lower traffic. Our schedules may prevent that, though.

We also use [ profile] dreamwidth as an offsite status page, both to remind people of scheduled maintenance and to update people about the problem if the site is down unexpectedly. You should bookmark that page and check it when the site is down.

During an outage, we try our best to update [ profile] dreamwidth as quickly as possible with information about the cause of the problem and estimates about how quickly we'll have it fixed.

We don't monitor the replies to [ profile] dreamwidth. If you're having a problem or need general technical support, you should visit Support if you can reach the site. If the site is down for everyone, our automated alerts will notify us about it; you don't need to. If you're the only one who can't reach the site, you can email, or have a friend open a support request on your behalf.

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