Why do I receive errors when logging into Dreamwidth with my OpenID?

There are several reasons you may receive an error when trying to log into Dreamwidth with your OpenID.

First, be sure that the URL you're using supports OpenID. While many services support using your URL as an OpenID, not all do.

If you know that the URL you're using is for a service that supports OpenID, there are several other troubleshooting steps you can take:

  1. Make sure you are using the right version of the URL. If your username on the other site has underscores in it, replace them with hyphens. For instance, instead of using user_name.example.org, use user-name.example.org.

  2. Make sure the other site doesn't show any "click-through" or "interstitial" pages before loading your URL. For instance, some websites will show full-page ads that the viewer has to watch or click on before a page will load. Other sites like LiveJournal give you the option to mark your journal as having "adult concepts", which requires the viewer to acknowledge this before displaying your journal. If you're having trouble using your OpenID on those sites, removing those click-through pages — by switching to a different ad provider or by removing the adult content warning — may help to resolve the problem.

  3. Make sure you haven't overriden the part of the webpage header that declares it is an OpenID server. On sites such as LiveJournal, this means making sure your account customizations don't override the automatically-generated header tags.

If you can't resolve the problem on your own, contact Support. Let them know what URL you're trying to log in with, and be sure to include the text of any error messages you get.

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