How do I post a video or audio clip in an entry?

To post a video or audio clip in an entry, you must make sure that the media is hosted somewhere on the internet. Media which is only on your computer will not display correctly to anyone else.

To embed a video, upload it from your computer to a video hosting service. Two popular free video hosting services are YouTube and Vimeo.

To embed an audio clip, upload it from your computer to an audio clip hosting site. One such site is SoundCloud.

To post the media, locate the "Share" button on the page of the video you would like to post. Then, select the "embed" option. Copy the code that the site provides. Each site's embedding code is a little different, so you may need to look at the instructions provided by your media hosting service.

If you are using the HTML editor, you will simply paste the code into your entry.

If you are using the Rich Text Editor, you will select the image that looks like a CD, and paste the code there.

For security reasons, we have to enable embedding from each media host individually. We've already enabled many popular video hosting sites, but if you try to post video from a new site and it doesn't work, open a support request and include the embedding code you're trying to use.

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