What are memories?

A "memory" is any entry on Dreamwidth that you save so that you can revisit it easily by returning to your Memories page. "Memories" should be one of the selections displayed as part of your journal style, along with "Recent Entries" "Archive" "Reading" (as in Reading Page) and "Tags". Depending on the journal style and the iconage supported, you should see either the "Add to Memories" icon: or a more general "Memories" icon: Choosing either icon should take you to your "Add Memorable Entry" page. There you can give this journal entry a description. If you enter a blank description the memory will be deleted. You can also enter up to five comma-separated keywords, or select keywords you've used in the past, so you can easily find this entry later.

The last thing you need to do before pressing the "Submit" button to add this memory to your collection is set its access level to decide who will be allowed to see it. You have the same control over your memoried entries as you do over your journal entries, so you can make your memoried entries public, available to your Access List, or something only you can see. You can set a higher security level for a memory than the original entry has (for example, you can make your memory of a Public entry Private so that only you can see it) but you can't set a lower one (if you set the security level of an Access List Only entry to Public, people will be able to see that you have the entry listed as a memory, but that won't change the fact that only people on that journal owner's Access List can read the entry).

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