What is a paid/premium paid/seed account?

Paid accounts are Dreamwidth accounts that receive extra services in exchange for supporting the site with a payment. Your payment buys you Dreamwidth Points, which are credits that can be exchanged for extra services or for anything else in the Dreamwidth Shop, except for the purchase of Dreamwidth Points themselves.

We offer two levels of paid account services: Paid and Premium Paid. "Paid" accounts get access to all the extra site services. "Premium Paid" accounts get access to all the extra site services, at higher limits or levels.

There are also "Seed" accounts, which have the same level of service as "Premium Paid" accounts. They have been sold only twice: once at the beginning of open beta, and once in order to replenish our operating fund after a several-month period when we were unable to accept payments. Barring unforeseen circumstances, we don't plan on offering them again, for reasons explained in our pre-launch business FAQs.

We're committed to remaining ad-free as long as this site exists, so we rely on you for the money to keep the site up and running. When you buy Dreamwidth Points for paid services, you gain additional account features. Features that are more expensive for us to run or that produce heavy database load are only available to paid accounts.

A breakdown of Paid and Premium Paid pricing can be found under How much are Paid Accounts? What features do I get with a Paid Account?

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