How can I import a community from another site?

Importing a community works just like importing a personal journal. We currently support community import from InsaneJournal and LiveJournal.

To import a community, you must be a maintainer or owner (not a moderator) of the community on the other site, and an admin of the community (which must already exist) on Dreamwidth. Visit the Import Journal page, and select the community you want to import into in the "Work As" drop-down box. Then, enter the username and password of the maintainer account on the other site, and the username of the community on the other site you want to import from.

Community posts and comments, once imported, will display as having been made by the OpenID identity accounts of the original posters. This means that the original posters can log into Dreamwidth with their credentials from the original site and continue to manage their posts and comments with the same level of control.

If the original community on the other site remains active, any new content posted there will not show up on Dreamwidth automatically. You would have to reimport the community to update the Dreamwidth version of the community with the newer content. Neither is it possible to use the Dreamwidth crossposter to post community entries on both sites; that feature is only available for personal journals.

Once an entry has been imported, editing the entry may change the order it's displayed in the community. This is a side effect of the way imported entries are dated in order to keep them from flooding subscribers' reading pages. To avoid this happening and to keep the entries in proper order in the community, avoid editing the entries after they've been imported.

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