What are tags?

A tag is a keyword or phrase that you add to the entries you post to your journal or community to make it easy for you to find them again, or to help you place them into a specific category for organization purposes. You can enter your entry keywords in the box marked "Tags" at the bottom of your "Post an Entry" page. If you have already created some tags, your tag entry will offer you some auto-complete suggestions, but you can override them if you wish to use a different tag or create a new one. You can add tags to or remove tags from your entry at any time, and you can use multiple tags on an entry as long as you separate them with commas.

For consistency, tags are always changed into lowercase when you enter them. There's no way to make tags have uppercase letters.

Depending on which journal style you've chosen (not all styles support this feature), your complete collection of tags will display in the sidebar of your journal as either a list or a cloud. To view all of your visible tags, you can select "Tags" from the "Read" menu on any of the site-schemed pages. To edit or remove tags, you can go to Manage Tags from the "Organize" menu on any of the site-schemed pages. Here you may remove tags, rename tags, create new tags, and choose who can create, add and remove tags for posts in your journal or community.

Community administrators may wish to change these settings so that all members of the community can add existing tags to community entries, or even so that all members can create new tags and add or remove tags from entries. For a personal journal, you may prefer to leave the security set so that only you can change or edit the tags on your journal.

When viewing a journal's tag pages, you can change the URL to show you entries tagged with multiple tags. For instance, to view any entry in your journal tagged with either "kittens" or "puppies", https://username.dreamwidth.org/tag/kittens,puppies?mode=or would be used. To view all entries in your journal tagged with both "kittens" and "puppies", https://username.dreamwidth.org/tag/kittens,puppies?mode=and would be used.

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