How do I post an image in an entry?

To post an image in an entry, the image needs to be located on the internet. An image on your computer won't display to other users.

Dreamwidth has an image hosting service that you can use to host your images. There are also free image hosting services such as Flickr (by Yahoo!) or Instagram. You can also upload the image to your own webspace. Images posted on Facebook generally won't work in a Dreamwidth entry.

To post an image, you'll need to know the image location URL. In most browsers, you can get the image location by right-clicking on the image and choosing "Copy image location" or "Copy image address".

The HTML tag to post an image is <img src="IMAGE URL">. Replace IMAGE URL with the image's URL.

To make your entries more accessible to people who can't view images, add a text description (also known as "alt text") to the image tag. To post an image with alt text, use the HTML tag <img src="IMAGE URL" alt="ALT TEXT">

If you use Dreamwidth's image hosting, any text included in the Short Description field will be used as alt text in the HTML the site gives you to post. We have some tips on writing alt text that will help your descriptions be as useful as possible to people who can't view images.

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