How do I transfer my community to a new admin?

To transfer a community to a new admin, go to Manage Communities. For the community you want to transfer, click on "Members".

In the listing of community members, find the account you want to be the new admin of the community. If the community has more than 50 members, type the name in the "Jump to Account" textbox to be taken to the page where that member is listed. Click the checkbox in the "Administrator" column to grant admin privileges to the account.

You can now uncheck the checkbox under "Adminstrator" for your own account to remove yourself as an admin, or leave the community entirely.

You should also remind the new admin to change the community's email address to their own by going to Change Email Address and selecting the community from the "Work As" dropdown.

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August 31st, 2015 (kaberett)

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