What if a community I belong to has been abandoned by its administrators?

If a community you belong to seems to have been abandoned by its admin, open a Support request in the "Terms of Service" category.

In most cases, if the former admin's account has been deleted and purged from the system, we'll transfer administrator access to an active member of the community. If the community administrator's account is not deleted and purged, but the administrator hasn't been active on Dreamwidth for a long time, we'll try contacting them first to see if they want to keep the community (and become more active in administering it), transfer the community to a community member of their choice, or have us choose a new administrator for the community.

Each situation is different, though, and may be handled slightly differently -- these are just general guidelines.

If you aren't sure if the community admin is still active on Dreamwidth, you can always try posting to the community to see. Be sure to let the Terms of Service team know that you've done that, and include a link to the entry, so they can have the additional information.

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September 30th, 2015 (kaberett)

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