How can I merge two tags, or rename my tags?

If you've made a mistake with your tags, you can either merge two tags together, or rename an existing tag.

To merge tags, go to the Manage Tags page. Select the two tags you'd like to merge together. Then, under the "Tag Properties" section, enter the tag name you would like the combined tag to use, in the second box provided. For instance, if you have two tags, one named "cat" and the other named "cats", and you would like to merge them together into one tag named "cats", select both tags and type "cats" in the text box.

When you are ready, hit the "Merge selected tags" button. You will be prompted with a confirmation. Merging tags can't be undone, so be careful with your selections.

To rename a tag, select the tag and enter the name you'd like to change it to in the first box under the "Tag Properties" section. When you are ready, hit the "Rename" button. Renaming tags can't be undone, although you can rename a tag as many times as you'd like if you make a mistake.

For consistency, tags are always changed into lowercase when you enter them. There's no way to make tags have uppercase letters.

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