OTHER: What is the difference between a Dreamhack and a Dreamwidth Account?

A Dreamhack is a hosted development environment provided by Dreamwidth to developers free of charge. While a Dreamhack account looks like Dreamwidth, acts like Dreamwidth, and is provided by Dreamwidth, it is not actually Dreamwidth.

A Dreamhack is meant to simulate the production environment so that a developer can write, develop and test new code without needing to fully install their own version of the Dreamwidth code on their home computer or network.

Dreamhack usernames start with the prefix dh_ . Therefore, these usernames will not work on the production site, Dreamwidth.org.

For more information on Dreamhacks, please visit the website at http://hack.dreamwidth.net/

A Dreamwidth account is a standard user account on the Dreamwidth production site. You can read more about that here.

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