How does my Dreamwidth forwarding email address work?

If you have a Paid, Premium Paid, or Seed account, any email sent to will automatically be forwarded to the email address you use on Dreamwidth.

This is not an independent email account, and cannot be used on its own. It is only a forwarding service, and you will have to read forwarded email through your email provider as you would with all other email.

It is possible that the email address you use on Dreamwidth could be exposed to someone in certain circumstances: if you have this feature enabled, and an email someone sends to your email address bounces (because your mailbox is full, for instance), the bounce message may include the email address you use on Dreamwidth. If you are using a sensitive email address for Dreamwidth and don't want others to accidentally see it, you can turn email forwarding off by unchecking the appropriate box on the Privacy tab of the Account Settings page.

This feature is not available to users with a free account.

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August 31st, 2015 (kaberett)

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