CROSSPOSTER: My entries crossposted with a more-secure security setting.

Some of my entries crossposted with a more secure security setting than what I set them with on Dreamwidth.

Entry security is confusing when you edit entries. There are two reasons your entry may have crossposted with a more-secure security setting. First, if the site you crosspost to has a higher default security than Dreamwidth, the crossposter will respect this. However, editing the entry on Dreamwidth causes the crossposted entry to be edited as well, but changes its security to be the same as on Dreamwith. This could make crossposted Access Only or filtered entries on other sites public or unfiltered. To prevent this, please make sure you've double checked your security settings upon editing.

The second cause of this is when you crosspost an entry that is filtered to a custom access group on Dreamwidth and there is no corresponding custom access group on the remote site. In order to prevent unauthorized viewing of the entry by the wrong group, these entries will crosspost as private and only you will be able to view them on the remote site.

Last Activity:
December 29th, 2011 (chemicallace)

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