How do I join a community?

There are several methods for joining a community. If you're viewing the community page, the navigation bar will have a "Join Community" link. If you're viewing the community's profile, the interactions menu includes a "Join Community" link. Also, any communities you have subscribed to, but have not joined, will have a join link on your Manage Circle page.

If the community has open membership, joining the community will give you membership in that community.

If the community administrator has chosen moderated membership, membership requests must be approved by a community administrator.

Some communities have closed membership, meaning the community is closed to new members unless invited by an admin. In these cases, the join link on the profile will be greyed out.

You can find out which type of community it is on the community's profile page. The easiest way to reach that is by clicking the icon beside the community's name. Or you can navigate to, replacing your name with the name of the community you want to know about.

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