Why don't OpenID accounts show up on my reading page?

OpenID accounts can be used by your friends to read and comment on your entries, including protected entries, on Dreamwidth. For example, if one of your LiveJournal friends logged into their OpenID account on Dreamwidth, they would be able to see protected entries here just like they would on LiveJournal.

However, the content of the source journal isn't carried over, and OpenID accounts can't make entries of their own. Subscribing to an OpenID account won't have any effect on your reading page. For more information on what OpenID accounts can and can not do, see What is an OpenID Account?

Dreamwidth is working towards better cross-site integration, but there are limits to the methods that can be used without the cooperation of the remote site.

You can set up individual feed accounts for each account on another site whose posts you would like to follow. How do I add a feed to my reading list? explains how to do this. Feed accounts will pull the content from LiveJournal, although it will only have access to public entries. This may not be ideal if you have many friends who post friends-locked entries.

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