How do I upload an icon?

You must be logged into your Dreamwidth account to do this.

  1. On site-schemed pages, navigate to the Create drop-down menu and select Upload Icons. This takes you to the Manage Icons page where you can use the Upload Icons dialog box to post user new icons.

  2. Enter the location of the icon you want to post:

    • If you know the file path and name of the icon on your computer, type the file path and name in the From File field.

    • If you don't know the file path or name of the icon, click the Browse button and navigate to the file.

    • If you want to load an icon from the web, type the URL in the From URL field.

  3. In the Keyword field, you can enter a list of words to identify the icon, separated by commas, or you can enter a single word name. The keywords are displayed in icons lists to help you identify each icon.

  4. In the Comment field, enter any information you like about the icon. Many people use this field to identify who made the icon.

  5. In the Description field, enter text that will describe and identify the icon for someone who is using a text reader to read on the web.

  6. To set the icon as your default icon, check the Make this your default icon check box.

  7. If you'd like to post another icon, click the Add Another From File or Add Another From URL button and repeat the previous steps.

  8. If you are finished, click the Proceed button and Dreamwidth will upload your icon.

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August 31st, 2015 (kaberett)

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